Educational Principles

With the transition to the Institute of National Colleges of Technology, Japan in 2004, Suzuka National College of Technology laid down educational principles based on this new foundational spirit and marked a new step towards fostering creative and practical engineers.

The goals of National Institute of Technology,Suzuka College are:

To provide students with the ability to think critically from a broad perspective, as well as to cultivate the engineer spirit;

  1. To enhance students' theoretical knowledge and ability to apply theory by developing technical expertise in engineering;
  2. To develop students' ability to innovate and explore new problems; and
  3. To give students the physical and mental training to face the unknown with confidence.
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Promotion of Education Program for Engineers To Meet International Standards

Suzuka National College of Technology promotes a 4-year educational program for engineers ("Production Systems Engineering" Program) in fields of materials, manufacturing processes, process and product engineering, manufacturing system design, manufacturing competitiveness and management. The program is intended for students who are from the 4th grade of college to the 2nd grade (the final year) of Advanced Engineering Faculty and are interested in manufacturing. The Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) officially accredited this program in May 2004 and acknowledged that it fully meets the standards and quality required by the international community.

The program builds upon the existing qualifications (such as mechanical, electrical-electronic-information, chemical, biological, and materials) of the students and facilitates a deepening of the knowledge in the fields of the production system for "Art of Design and Manufacturing". The students can obtain skills to investigate fundamental principles governing production systems and utilize the purposes of analysis, continuous improvement, and design.

Term of Study and Academic Degree

The term of study is 5 years. The graduates can acquire the Associate Degree of Engineering. When they enter the Advanced Engineering Faculty and then complete another 2-year educational program, they can acquire the Bachelor's Degree of Engineering.