Department of Materials Science and Engineering


The development of new materials has significantly contributed to the growth of the most advanced industrial fields, such as electronics, energy, aerospace and environment. Students learn about basic theories through applied technology of materials (metal, ceramics, plastic etc.) that are indispensable to "manufacturing."

TitlesNameSpecialized Fields
Professor. D. Eng.SOUNAI AtsuoFuel cells, Electro Chemistry
Professor. D. Eng.EZAKI Hisakazu Metal Physics, Alloy Design
Professor. D. Eng.KOBAYASHI TatsumasaMetal Physics
Professor. D. Eng.KANEMATSU HideyukiMaterials Green Surface Engineering
Professor. D. Eng.SHIMOFURUYA HiroshiOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.NAMBU TomonoriMetal Physics, Alloy Design
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.WADA NoriyukiGlass, Glass Ceramics
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.KURODA DaisukeMetallic Materials, Biomaterial
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.MANTANI YoshikazuMetallic Materials
Asst. ProfessorKOUGO TakeshiElectrochemistry, Inorganic chemistry
Asst. Professor. D. Eng.OMATA KaoriCatalysis


Required Subjects
Advanced Mathematics IApplied Physics I
Applied Physics II Information Processing I
Information Processing IIInformation Processing III
Metal Fabrication ProcessIntroduction to Materials Engineering
Materials FoundementalsPhysical Metallurgy
Strength of Materials Thermodynamics
Mechanics of Materials Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Materials Organic Chemistry
Organic MaterialsIron and Steels
Non-Ferrous MaterialsPhysical Chemistry I
Physical Chemistry II Crystal Structure Analysis
Bonding and Welding of Materials Materials Processing Engineering
Materials Apparatus Analysis Production Systems Engineering
Functional Materials Polymer Functional materials
Semiconductor Materials Quantum Mechanics
Electrochemistry Metal Casting
Plasticity and Deformation Processing of Materials Composite Materials
Engineering Design and Drawing I Engineering Design and Drawing II
Engineering Design and Drawing III Engineering Design and Drawing IV
Exercise on Materials Processing Creative Engineering
Experimental on Materials Science and Engineering Graduation Research
Advanced Mathematics II Materials Design
Environmental Science for Materials Technical English
Fundamental of Electric Engineering I Fundamental of Electric Engineering II
Engineering Design and Drawing V Fundamental Mechanical Engineering I
Fundamental Mechanical Engineering II Exercise of Creative Engineering