Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical engineering has strongly supported "Manufacturing". Manufacturing is the foundations of every industry. Students learn computer-aided design technology and processing technology. They also make robots representing mechatronics.

Teaching Staff

TitlesNameSpecialized Fields
Professor. D. Eng.TAO KatsumiStrength of Materials
Professor. D. Eng.SAWAKI YutakaMachining Technologies
Professor. D. Eng.SUETSUGU MasahiroFracture Mechanics
Professor. D. Eng.KONDO KunikazuFluid Engineering
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.TAMIAKI MinoruDynamics
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.FUJIMATSU TakahiroThermal Engineering
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.SHIRAI TatsuyaRobotics
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.SHIRAKIHARA KaoriEvaluation of Material Properties
Lecturer. D. Eng.UCHIDA MasakiPrecision Engineering
Lecturer. D. Eng. Kito Mizuki Thermo-Fluid Engineering
Asst. Professor. D. Eng.NANBU Kouichirou Surface Modification


Required Subjects
Applied Mathematics IApplied Mathematics II
Applied Mathematics IIIApplied Physics I
Applied Physics II Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical TechnologyMechanical Working Process
Total Working ProcessCreative Engineering
Exercise of Mechanical Engineering IExercise of Mechanical Engineering II
Information Processing IInformation Processing II
Computer Aided EngineeringMechatronics
Strength of Materials I Strength of Materials II
Heat and Fluid EngineeringThermodynamics
HydraulicsMechanical Kinetics
Machine DesignMechanical Vibration
Materials Science IMaterials Science II
Mechanical Design and DrawingMechanical Engineering Laboratory
Graduation Research  
Required Electives 
Thermal EngineeringFluid Engineering
Production Systems Plastic Working
System Control EngineeringElectronic Circuits
Mechanical MachiningInformation Processing Applications
Electrical EngineeringTechnical English
Instrumentation EngineeringTheory of Elasticity
Exercise of Creative Engineering Internship