Department of Electronic and Information Engineering


Through the study of electronic engineering, information engineering, electronic control, and the integration of those technologies, students train to be "next-generation" engineers who are skilled at both electronics and computers, and who play active roles in the electro-computerized society.

Teaching Staff

Titles Name Specialized Fields
Professor. D. Eng. ISE Kiyoshi Electronics
Professor. D. Eng. IZUKA Noboru Wireless Communication Systems
Professor. D. Eng. ITO Akira Electronic Measurements
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng. TAZOE Takehiro Natural Language Processing
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng. MINOURA Hirohito Virtual Reality
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng. MORI Ikuko Electromagnetic Compatibility
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng. AOYAMA Toshihiro Information Systems
Lecturer HIRANO Takenori Computer Science
Asst. Professor. D.Eng. ITAYA Toshiya Magnetic field analysis, coil, eddy current, nondestructive testing
Asst. Professor. D. Info. Sci. URAO Akira Educational Technology
Asst. Professor. D. Eng. MORISHIMA Yuu Information Theory, Communication Theory, Error Correcting Code
Asst. Professor. D. Eng. OKA Yoshiki Computer Graphics, Computer Vision


Required Subjects 
Introduction to Electronic and Information Engineering Basic Programming
Micro Computer Basics Fundamentals of Electrics and Electronics
Program Design Applied Physics I
Digital Circuits Operating System
Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Electronics Machineries
Electronics Electromagnetics
Electric Circuits Electronic Circuits
Applied Mathematics I Software Engineering
Computer Architecture Network for Information and Communication
Basic Control Engineering Creative Engineering
Information Theory I Electronic Materials
Electronic & Information Engineering Laboratory Graduation Research
Required Electives 
Information Theory II Computer Engineering
Information Mathematics Electronic Measurements
Optoelectronics Integrated Circuits
Applied Physics II Numerical Analysis
Applied Mathematics II Information Transmission Engineering
Image Processing Engineering Artificial Intelligence
Electronic Control Exercise of Creative Engieering