Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


We are aiming to train engineers with good common sense and practical ability, who can respond to requests from a wide range of industries. After having learned the basic theory of electrical engineering, students will learn about the wide range of application technology, including hardware and software systems. Graduate students can also get the license of "The 2nd Class Electric Works Specialist" after the provision work experience.

Teaching Staff

TitlesNameSpecialized Fields
Professor. D. Eng.KITAMURA NoboruSemiconductor Engineering
Professor. D. Eng.HANAI TakaakiElectron Beam Engineering
Professor. D. Eng.KONDO KazuyukiElectronic Circuits
ProfessorOKUDA KazuoElectronic Machinery, Electronic Materials Engineering
Professor. D. Eng.OHTSU TakayoshiElectromagnetion Engineering Static
Professor. D. Eng.KAWAGUCHI MasashiComputer Engineering
Assoc. ProfessorOKUNO MasaakiElectricApparatus
Assoc. Professor. D. EngTSUJI TakutoSemiconductor Engineering
Assoc. Professor. D. EngNISHIMURA KazuhiroMagnetic Materials
Assoc. Professor. D. EngSHIBAGAKI KanjiPlasma Physics,Quantum Electronics
Lecturer. D. Eng.YAMADA IchikoOrganic Semiconductor Engineering


Required Subjects
Applied Mathematics IApplied Mathematics II
Applied Physics I Applied Physics II
Introduction to Electrical and Electronic EngineeringElectrical and Electronic Design andDrawing
Electric CircuitsElectric and Electronic Measurements
Electronic CircuitsDigital Circuits
Basic ElectronicsElectrical and Electronic Materials
Semiconductor EngineeringComputer System
Basic Electronic ControlControl System
Electric ApparatusElectric Power System
Communication TheoryCreative Engineering
Exercise of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringElectrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory
Graduation Research 
Required Electives 
High Voltage EngineeringPower Electronics
Communication EngineeringApplied InformationEngneering
Introduction to Mechanical EngineeringApplications of Electrical Energy
Electrical and Electronic ApplicationsElectromagnetic Wave Engineering
Laws of ElectricityElectric PowerGeneration and Transmission Engineering
Electronic Devices EngineeringExercise of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Exercise of Creative EngineeringInternship