Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


This department comprises the Applied Chemistry Course, in which industrial chemistry is the main focus, and the Biochemistry Course, in which biotechnology is the main focus. In both courses, students learn the latest theories in chemistry and environment preservation technology, as well as the knowledge and skills of traditional chemistry related to plastics, synthetic fabrics, medicines, and foods.

Teaching Staff

TitlesNameSpecialized Fields
Professor. D. Med.IKIGAI HajimeMicrobiology, Bacterial Toxins
Professor. D. EngSAWADA YoshiakiProcess Development
Professor. D. EngNAGAHARA ShigeruOrganic Synthesis
Professor. D. EngSHIMONO AkiraInorganic Material Chemistry
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.FUNAKOSHI KunioCrystallization, Separation and Purification, Chemical Engineering
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.HIRAI NobumitsuInterfacial science and technology, Physical chemistry, Electrochemistry
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.YAMAMOTO ChiyoFunctional Polymer Chemistry, Chiral Analysis
Assoc. Professor. D. SciTAKAKURA KatsutoStructural Organic Chemistry
Assoc. Professor. D. SciYAMAGUCHI MasahiroDevelopmental Biology, Compatative Inology
Assoc. Professor. D. Eng.YODOYA ShinyaPolymer Chemistry
Lecturer. D. Eng.OGAWA AkikoAnimal Cell Technology, Biochemical Engineering
Asst. Professor. D.Env Sci.KAI HotakaEnvironmental Science, Wastewater Processing, Life Cycle assessment


Required Subjects 
Applied Mathematics IApplied Physics I
Applied Physics II Fundamental Computer Science
Computer ScienceProgramming Methodology
Introduction to Chemistry BiochemistryInorganic Chemistry
Organic ChemistryPhysical Chemistry I
Physical Chemistry II Analytical Chemistry
Instrumental Analytical ChemistryBiochemistry
Microbiology I Cell Biology
Chemical Engineering I Creative Engineering
Organic Industrial ChemistryChemical Design and Drawing
Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory Graduation Research
Applied Chemistry Course Requisites 
Polymer ChemistryChemical Reaction Engineering
Chemical Engineering II Applied Chemistry Course Laboratory
Applied Chemistry Course Elective Requisites 
Organic Synthetic ChemistryInorganic Industrial Chemistry
Physical Organic ChemistryFunctional Material Chemistry
Biochemistry Course Requisites 
MicrobiologyBiochemistry for Engineering
Biochemical Engineering Experiments for Bioengineering
Biochemistry Course Elective Requisites 
Molecular BiologyProtein Chemistry
BioinformaticsGene Engineering
Applied Mathematics IIEngineering English
Environmental Analytical ChemistryCatalytic Chemistry
Industrial Physical ChemistryChemical Engineering III
BiotechnologyEnvironmental Protection Engineering
Exercise of Creative EngineeringInternship