Campus Life

Extra-curricular Activities

Under the Student Council run by the students, there are 18 sports clubs, 10 culture clubs, and 20 associations. Most students join a club. Students have participated in the Sports Festival of National College of Technology and the National Athletic Meet in the Tokai district in July every year. Our students have won first place in many competitions. In addition to these activities, students can participate in activities characteristic of engineering school, such as the Solar Car Racing, the Robot Competition, the Programming Contest, and the Mileage Marathon.

Kendo Victory
SolarCar Robocon

Student Dormitories

On the premises, there are student dormitories called Seihou-Ryo. Almost all applicants are allowed to live there. To the students whose houses are far from the campus, who would like to work hard at their lessons and extra-curricular activities, or who would like to develop social skills, the system of dormitories will be of great help. At present, about 400 students (including more than 80 female students) live there. They are leading a well-regulated and communal life, and working hard at their lessons and extra-curricular activities.

International Exchanges Overseas Students

Many students from Southeast Asia are studying together. The number of overseas students that have been admitted through the 2013 academic year has amounted to several dozen (including currently attending students). They are from Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, China, and Vietnam.

Student Exchange

The college has concluded academic agreements with The Ohio State University (OSU) in the United States and Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada. In accordance with one of these agreements, we have dispatched students to the OSU since 2002. They participate in events such as visiting classes and pizza parties during their 10-day stay. 6 students in 2012 applied for this exchange.

Student Exchange 1Student Exchange 2